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Wills Writing Services

Did you know that without a Will or LPA, you wont be able to make insurance claims on behalf of your loved ones if they have lost mental capacity or passed away?

We have collaborate with a Reputable Wills Company, SimplyWills Pte Ltd. Through us, you will receive $50 Voucher OFF any Wills Writing Packages.

A Basic Personal Will @ $300 (before discount) include the following provisions:
    1. Personal particulars of client;
    2. Revocation clause;
    3. Appointment of up to 3 executors & trustees and up to 2 guardians;
    4. Defining rights and powers of executor & trustee;
    5. Standard provision for real properties, insurance policies, joint accounts and jewelries;
    6. Distribution of residuary estate to up to 3 levels of beneficiaries by percentage;
    7. Common disaster clause;
    8. Free translation for non-English speaking clients;
    9. Witnessed by 2 of our staff

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If you have any enquiry, please feel free to click on the link below and our Certified Will Planner will contact you.

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