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Handmade with LÖVÉ Octopus – for Preemies

Author - 25/04/2018 - 0 comments

Handmade with LÖVÉ Octopus – for Preemies started in Sep/ Oct 2017 to BLESS premature babies (preemies) in Singapore by Michelle Neo. It was then formed into a volunteer based team whom provide crochet octopus to the hospitals with the aim to provide comfort to both the little warriors and support to their parents.
(Read about the inspiration below)
About the Octopus
The idea originated from Aarhus University Hospital Denmark, but it wasn’t until Poole hospital in the U.K. tested it out for themselves and that the idea started to catch on. Hospital around the world are trying out this new and unusual technique to help premature babies survive. Then in 2013, a group of volunteers in Denmark started ‘The Octo Project’ and the idea has reached many countries, now in Singapore.
The tentacles which resembles the umbilical cord while still inside their mummy’s womb; helps mimic the sensation of being with his/her mummy; calms them. The tentacles specifically also helps by providing something for them to hold on; reducing the risks of them pulling their tubes during their stay in hospital.
Since the formation of this page, we have given out more than 240 octopuses and counting. Our octopus are all made with 100% cotton yarn.
Please note that not all hospitals has adopted the idea of using this octopus for the Preemies.
Handmade with LÖVÉ Octopus – for Preemies thanks CNA, Class95 and for featuring our crochet octopus initiative; bringing more awareness to the needs of preemies.
*Extracted from Handmade with LÖVÉ Octopus – for Preemies’s FB page